Completed Projects

Own research – Master’s degree titled, “The Design and Implementation of an ESP Course at the Economics Faculty, University Malaya” 1997.

Own research – PhD. degree titled, “Lexical Familiarisation of Business Terms: a Case Study” 2008.

Own research (without grant) titled “The English Monolingual Dictionary: Its Use Among Second Year Students of University Technology Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur” 2009.

Own research (without grant) titled “Must Textbooks always be Boring and Serious? A New Challenge to Textbook Writers” 2009.

Principle researcher for a group research with Prof. Dr. Anie Attan, P.M. Dr. Khairi Obaid Alzubaidi and Noh Muhammad Adlan b Muhammad Noh titled “The Role of Highlighted Words and Phrases in Academic Textbooks”, New Academic Staff with Phd Grant from UTM, 2010.

Own research (without grant) titled “Comparing Malay and Chinese Secondary School Students’ Spoken English” 2011.

Own research (without grant) titled “Does the Malaysian English Language Syllabus Cater to the Academic Vocabulary Needs of Secondary School Students Entering Universities?” 2012.

Co-researcher for a group research with Dr Sarimah Shamsudin and Noraini Hussin titled “Engineering Terms for Engineering Students at the Basic Degree Level”, Research University Grant from UTM.