• A Study of Continuous Quality Improvement on UTM-TECS 2014 (Q.J130000.2441.02G92, Flagship)
  • Augmented Reality Interactive Edutainment For English Teaching And Learning 2014 (vote Q.J130000.2409.02G29, C Flagship)
  • The role of explicit phonetic instruction in pronunciation teaching in ESL settings: The case of interdental sounds and Malay learners of English 2013 (20k vote Q.J130000.2741.00K78, PAS)
  • Model For Online Writing Clinic Through E-Tutor On Wiki 2013 (58k vote R.J130000.7841.4F358, FRGS)
  • Engaging Learners in Technology Supported Face-to-face Collaborative Word Knowledge Building 2013 (20k vote  00K39 GUP)
  • Formulating New Hybrid Model for Network-Based Microteaching for English Teacher Trainees 2008 (70k vote 78375, FRGS)
  • The Development of a Framework for a Simulated/Virtual Environment for Profesional Development of TESL Teacher Trainees 2004 (50k vote 74523, RMC)
  • Self-Access Learning Programme: Analysing Students’ Language Learning Needs and Evaluating Learning Materials  2004(25k vote 75016, RMC)