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Akademi Bahasa and Johor Petroleum Development Corporation Berhad  have jointly organised a programme called Empowerment of Community via Enhanced Business Communication programme (ECEBCom). The objective of ECEBCom is to provide learning opportunities to the local community with business communication and digital literacy skills in the English language.

The programme which commenced on 14 July 2017 until 11 November 2017 aims to provide an opportunity for participants of the local business community to be empowered and equipped with communicative English proficiency and digital literacy to be used as tools to enhance their business.

Akademi Bahasa has been given the responsibility to prepare the training module and to assess the progress of the participants. Twenty participants from Pengerang are involved in the programme and the training takes place in Bandar Penawar. The activities of ECEBCom include face to face interactions, group based activities, replication of possible practical scenarios, simulations and role plays. It is hoped that these activities  will increase the participants’ confidence and skills in the use of English for business communication besides highlighting the importance of digital literacy in enhancing their business activities.