Completed Projects



  • Establishing a Profile for Workplace Oral Communication

RUG: QJ130000.7111.04J91

2011 – 2012

Head of Project


  • A Certification of Workplace Written Communication Ability in English

RUG: 2011 – 2012


  • A Study on a Mechanism to Enhance Independent Digital Language Learning among ESL Learners

FRGS: 2010 – 2012

  • A Typology of Spoken Academic  Discourse for Science and Engineering in Malaysian Institute of Higher Learning

      FRGS: 2009-2011


  • A Study of Lecturing Styles in Malaysia and the UK

PMI 2 Connect British Council – Coventry University UK



  • Work-Embedded Language Training: An Evaluation of Students’ Perception and Academic Performance

RMC/UTM 71984: 2003 – 2005

Head of Project

  • Contents of English Language Teaching Methodology Courses – A Survey Across Institutions

RMC/UTM 71933: 2002 – 2004

Head of Project

  • Designing Instructional Materials/Modules to Meet the Specific Communicative Needs of Civil Engineering Students

UPP/UTM: 1994 –1997

            Head of Project

  • The Work-Embedded Development of Language Competence for Civil Engineers in an Academic Setting

CICHE British Council/UTM/Aston University, UK: 1995 – 1997

            Project Member

  • The UTM Test of Communication in English for Graduating Students

CTL/UTM: 2006 – Present

Project Member


  • English Language Appraisal Instrument: A Means of Assessing the English Language Proficiency and Communication Skills of Learners

UPP/UTM: 1995 – 1997

Project Member

  • Kajilidikan Pola Pembelajaran Pelajar UTM


            Project Member

  • Research and Development of Teaching Materials for an English Language Programme for Institutions of Higher Learning with Special Emphasis on Science and Technology

UPP/UTM: 1990 – 1992

Project Member