Framework  Headings Description Sources
Introduction Definition 1)      Political financing includes financial resources raised and spent by parties in the process of political competition. This core concept develops in different directions, depending on the political system of the country.

2)      Money politics not only a campaign expenses but also the costs of maintaining permanent offices and foundations, carrying out policy research, publicity and lobbying, and other expenses and channels of political financing.


Money in Politics: Sound Political Competition and Trust in Government, Mr Bruno Wilhelm Speck, 2013
what is the issue Political funding has an effect on the government and policy making decisions Does Money Buy Votes? , Adam R. Brown, 2012


Details of your topic 1) The power of money in politics to ensure good governance

2) Evaluate the causes

3) Importance of money in politics

4) Importance to find ways to control negative impact of political funding

Does Money Buy Votes? , Adam R. Brown, 2012

Managing the Risk of Corporate Political Donations: A Utilitarian Perspective, S. Leong, J. Hazelton, C. Townley, 2012

Thesis Statement This paper will be comparing the political funding system in two countries which is the United States and Malaysia and will discuss the integrity impact on who the money is raised for, who the money is raised from and the political decision making.  
Body Argument 1  If a political finance system fails to provide sufficient operating

funds to parties, moral and practical risks eventuate

 Managing the Risk of Corporate Political Donations: A Utilitarian Perspective, S. Leong, J. Hazelton, C. Townley, 2012
Argument 2 The influence of wealthy special interest group or corporate groups is an attempt of “buying elections”and “drowning the people’s” voice

–          (SP) “Pre-election influence” is a group that concerned in political campaign after policies are set and contributions are used to better inform voters of the candidate’s platforms.

–          (SP) “Post-election influence”  is a group that have interest and concerned with lobbying which possess better information than a policy maker about some policy-relevant state variable.


Populism, Partisanship and the Funding of Political Campaigns, Tilman Klumpp, 2011
Argument 3 A donation restriction might seem likely to reduce the risk of inappropriate influence because this would lessen the inequity between corporate and citizen power.

–       (SP) Some scholars said that there is no effect of laws that restricted or loosened corporate giving on the share values of corporate donors.



Managing the Risk of Corporate Political Donations: A Utilitarian Perspective, S. Leong, J. Hazelton, C. Townley, 2012
Counter Argument 1 – 3 1)      Law relating to party funding and campaign financing can only reduce risks but a clean government depends on individual integrity

2)      The attempt of buying election from the wealthy individual or organization tend to give high influence on the election.


Conclusion Summarize points As a conclusion, we can conclude that there are possibility that money can buy the results of an election but to find the prove of the involvement of certain individual is hard and impossible.  



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