Top 10 rules for success by Simon Sinek

1. Break the rules

2. Train your mind

3. Be patient

4. Take accountability

5. Outdo yourself

6. Stack the deck

7. Be the last to speak

8. Be authentic

9. Find your passion

10. Start with WHY

Working hard for something that we dont care about is stress.

Working hard for something that we love is passion

– Simon Sinek-

ULAB3162 – Personal Video

Hi, 5 people did not submit the link to their video and they are

1 . Abdil Hassan
2. Mohd Hijan
3. Nizab ARRahman
4. Muhammad Harith As-Syakirin
5. Nur Hidayu Yuri

Ghinesh please check your link, I could not access to your video.

Thank you.

How PH could win in the GE114

ULAB 3162 (38)  MARKS,  kindly click on the link given

A good reminder

  1. You made us proud as Malaysians

In every game, only audience makes noise, not players

Be a player

Believe in yoursefl

And do the best

Very true.

ULAB3162 – Response paper

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