Nick Vujicic

Salam and Hi!

Dear readers, I shared this video with my Year 5M pupils recently as one of the materials for my teaching. I realised that most of my pupils would not know and recognise who Nick Vujicic is, yet his name is mentioned in their new English Year 5 textbook. Thus, I took some initiatives to share with my pupils about him.

Since time was kind of killing me at that time, catching syllabus and all, I tried my best to find videos that are short, simple yet meaningful for my pupils.

Finally, I managed to get two videos. And I would like to share one of them with you. And here is the video:


Seasons Song!

Salam and Hi!

Dear readers, I would like to share a video that I once used during my Teaching Practice in 2010. This experience is still fresh in my mind as I could still remember my pupils were really enjoyed the video. Perhaps the content of the video attracted their attention since it was about FOUR SEASONS in which they never experienced them.

The pupils were from Year 4 Tekun in SK Jalan Sungai Besi (1), Kuala Lumpur with mixed level of English proficiency.

They are now should be in Form 3.

As my pupils and I were really enjoyed this video, I do hope that you will enjoy them too!

Poetry Recitation – My First Attempt!

My first attempt for Poetry Recitation!
Only a week of training. Numbers of scoldings and motivations were given and they never gave up.

Thanks so much for the great performance which brought tears to me and one of you spotted it. “Miss Yana…were you crying?”

Thanks Jia En and Rui Lin! I got the strength to proceed with this from your spirit and your excitement. You both made it. Second place is a great achievement indeed!

Poetry 1Poetry 2Poetry 3Poerty 4

Storybird® – A GREAT Tool To Be Explored


Storybird 4

Visual storytelling for everyone.

A platform for writers, readers, and artists of all ages.

The reason for choosing this tool is because I believe story is one of the great tools to learn new language, express feelings and understandings and enhance creativity and imagination.

Topic: Animals and its food!

Target group: Year 3 High level of proficiency

Learning objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils are able to:

  • give example on animals and its food.
  • story based on animal and its food.


  1. During pre-teaching, teacher tells about animals and its food.
  2. Teacher also may use videos, audio clips or animations as a means to deliver the content and at the same time to attract pupils’ attention to the lesson as one of the key points inPERSONALISED LEARNING is to deliver instruction through multiple forms of media.
  3. After teacher has done some teaching on the topic, teacher asks pupils to give example on animal and its food. This is to pre-test and check on the pupils’ understanding of the topic.
  4. Before teacher moves on to the next stage which is while teaching where this is the time for pupils to use STORYBIRD, teacher then shows and explains first on how to use STORYBIRD.Teacher also provides an example on how to create a story by using STORYBIRD.
  5. After that, teacher asks the pupils to create and come out with a story which lingers on the topic of animals and its food by using STORYBIRD. This step is to let the pupils to drive and practice independent work skills.
  6. Pupils are given 45 minutes to create their story by using STORYBIRD.
  7. Teacher facilitates the class. Teacher as the facilitator.
  8. Teacher gives cues, for instance if 5 to 10 minutes remaining, teacher tells the pupils to wrap up their story.
  9. After that, each pupil takes turn to present their work as this is the time for the pupils toshare their work of creating differentiated lessons.
  10. The rest of the pupils are to give attention to their friend’ presentation as they have to take note on the animals and its food that they can find in the their friends’ story.
  11. Then, the pupils may give feedback on the friends’ work.


  • It depends on the number of pupils when they are to create the story by using STORYBIRD.This activity can be done in groups or as pair works or individually as it depends on the number of pupils in the class.
  • There are many topics can be used to apply STORYBIRD in the lesson. Possibly, the teacher can just decide on a specific theme and then the pupils are to create story based on the given theme.

Below is included an example of my first try out using STORYBIRD.

Storybird 1Storybird 2Storybird 3


“It’s Just A YELLOW Lemon Tree”

26 March 2015 was the date that was set for me to be observed by the Head of English Panel in my school. I chose to further improve my pupils’ understanding on Present Continuous Tense.

I came across this video and most of the lyrics are using Present Continuous Tense. I really love it. And my pupils too, were really like it. They asked me to play the video, again and again and I believe the learning objective of the day was accomplished!

Let’s sing along and enjoy this video! Have a nice day!