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UTM Toastmasters Club would like to extend an invitation to all to join us for our 4th social gathering for the 2017/2018 term, themed ‘Corporate’. ALL UTM STAFF AND STUDENTS ARE INVITED. Staff attendance will be recorded in UTMSmile for CPD points.

In line with the theme, this gathering features a lineup of new and seasoned speakers with inspirational speeches. In addition to the prepared speeches, this social gathering includes opportunities open to both members and guests to deliver impromptu speeches and to receive feedback. There are also networking sessions that help nurture relationship with on- and off-campus communities, while at the same time acting as safe and fun platforms for practicing interpersonal communication skills.

Join our club as a member or come as a guest and be part of the global community of speakers and leaders! To stop being ordinary and mediocre, you must break out of your comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown!

Theme: Adieu Comfort Zone ?
WOD: Humongous

Date: 5 October 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 3.45-6.00pm
Venue: D05, Level 3, Seminar Room 1, Language Academy.

TMD: Norzie, CC

Speaker1: TM Keng Yinn (P1)
Evaluator1: TM Asnida
Speaker2: TM Shi Yan (P1)
Evaluator2: TM Aliyu
Speaker3: TM Ida (P8)
Evaluator3: TM Dian Firo
Speaker4: TM Wawa (P9)
Evaluator4: ??
SAA: TM Dina
Timer : TM Khong Nee
Ah Counter: TM Qadri, ACES
Table topic master: ??
Table topic evaluator: ??
Language Evaluator: Ayu, CC, CL
General Evaluator: Bachan Singh, ACS.

Come on!!! Support our club! Lead a role, learn and grow from others’ feedback on your performance, and get points for your Competent Leadership Manual!