LSP: Introduction

The LSP2016 Organising Committee is pleased to announce that our 10th International Language for Specific Purposes Seminar with the theme LSP: Insights and Innovations held from 26 to 27 July 2016 was a great success. This year’s LSP which took place on the idyllic campus of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, marked the 10th anniversary of LSP biennial gatherings. The objectives of our international LSP seminar have always been to:

  • To provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, insights, research findings and expertise among LSP practitioners,
  • To investigate LSP developments in teaching and teacher training, professional areas, communication, research and language consultancy,
  • To align theoretical knowledge with professional practice within LSP and
  • To strengthen collaboration between institutions of higher learning and corporate sectors and industries,

The LSP2016 seminar and its associated activities were entrusted to the Organising Committee headed by Associate Professor Dr Sarimah Shamsudin and her supporting team. This year, through funding from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with the support from the office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and Innovation), we were able to have Professor Dr Ken Hyland, a prominent international figure in the area of LSP as the seminar’s keynote speaker and Professor Dr Zuraidah Mohd Don, our local LSP expert as one of our plenary speakers.  The sponsorship and support of the Japan Foundation has enabled us to invite two other plenary speakers from Japan, Prof. Dr Shigenori Wakabayashi and Professor Dr Sau Kuen Fan and introduce the Japanese strands namely the Japanese Language Education Paper Presentation Sessions and Sakura Network Members Meeting. The British Council had also graciously sponsored Professor Dr Barry O’Sullivan as our fourth plenary speaker.

Conference themes: papers and workshops

A total of 89 paper presenters, one keynote speaker, four plenary speakers and 16 participants participated in the two-day LSP2016 seminar. The paper presentations predominantly dealt with the following topics:

  • English for Specific Purposes
  • Cross-cultural Communication Issues
  • English communication skills in the medical field
  • Evaluation, assessment, and testing in English for Academic Purposes: measuring students’ competence and performance
  • Use of online tools in teaching and assessment
  • Sharing ideas and materials in teaching English for Academic Purposes
  • Teacher Training and the Training of Teacher Trainers
  • The development of English language curriculum
  • Research in applied linguistics and pedagogical aspects


Venue, participants

The LSP2016 seminar took place at Razak Tower on Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur campus from 26-27 July 2016. A total of 105 people registered from countries such as UK, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, Libya, Australia and Malaysia. The conference fees were USD400 for international language practitioner presenters and RM 900 for Malaysian language practitioner presenters respectively whereas the fees for international student presenters were USD250 and RM500 for local students. Attendees of the seminar were charged a reduced fee.



Opening ceremony

The inaugural session was opened by warm welcoming words from Associate Professor Dr Sarimah Shamsudin, the Chairman of the LSP2016 seminar. Associate Professor Dr Sarimah stated that it was an honour to host the biannual LSP seminar. Acknowledging the many familiar faces among the audience, she expressed her gratitude for their unwavering support. She also urged delegates to take advantage of the vast range of LSP related topics that are presented throughout the seminar whilst enjoying the beauty and places of interests of the multi-racial and multi-cultural Kuala Lumpur city.


Officiated by  Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohd. Ismail bin Abd Aziz, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni)

Professor Dato’ Dr. Mohd Ismail B. Abd Aziz, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni) then gave the opening address. Professor Dato’ Dr. Mohd Ismail began by sending his warm wishes to the Chairman of the LSP2016 seminar, Associate Professor Dr Sarimah Shamsudin and the Dean of Language Academy, Associate Professor Dr Abdul Halim Abdul Raof followed by the seminar’s delegates. Professor Dato’ Dr. Wahid Omar, Vice Chancellor of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia sent his apologies as he was unable to attend this year’s seminar. Following this, Professor Dr. Mohd Ismail, representing the Vice Chancellor, read out a congratulatory message to the chairperson of the LSP2016 seminar, the Dean of Language Academy and the organising committee.

The programme: papers, workshops and other activities

Apart from the keynote and plenaries, 89 papers were presented, two sessions allocated to the Japanese Language Education Paper Presentation and Sakura Network Members Meeting, and two workshops were conducted, a pre- and a post-conference workshop.


Professor Dr. Sau Kuen Fan
Professor in the Department of International Communication, and
Director of Global Communication Institute at Kanda University of International Studies, Japan.


Professor Dr. Barry O’Sullivan
Head of Assessment Research & Development at the British Council
Honorary Professor of Applied Linguistics, Roehampton University, London
Visiting Professor, University of Reading


 Dr. Wakabayashi is Professor of Applied Linguistics, Department of English Studies, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University, in Tokyo.

lsp panel lsp Closingpaneldiscussion2 lsp participants presenters

Panel Discussion : Professor Dr Zuraidah Md Don, Professor Dr Wakabayashi, Professor Dr Ken Hyland, Professor Dr Sau Kuen Fan and Professor Dr Barry O’Sullivan

Chairperson : Associate Professor Dr Hadina Habil

Closing by Associate Professor Dr Sarimah Bte Shamsuddin

The pre-conference workshop entitled ‘Writing for Publication in International Journals’ was held on 25 July 2016 at the Seminar Hall, Razak Tower, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. It covered issues on

  • finding the topic to write on
  • choosing the right journals
  • writing for international audience
  • dealing with criticisms from reviewers
  • handling editorial rejections

lsp preconference wshopKL

The post-conference workshop entitled ‘Teaching Writing: Understanding Texts, Writers and Readers’ is a continuation of the pre-conference workshop. It is will be held today, 28 July 2016 at the Seminar Hall, Razak Tower, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. Both workshops are delivered by an internationally acclaimed writer and researcher in the field of LSP, Professor Dr Ken Hyland, and had attracted many lecturers, students and language practitioners alike.


Social programme

Staying true to her opening speech, Associate Professor Dr Sarimah in her attempt to encourage the LSP2016 delegates to enjoy the beauty and places of interests of the multi-racial and multi-cultural Kuala Lumpur city had held a conference dinner event at D’Saji KL Titiwangsa in the evening of the first day of LSP2016. The objective was for the delegates to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed ambiance steeped in culture and tradition. In the end, the very many photographs taken post dinner bear witness to the happy, stress-free atmosphere which saw the seminar keynote and plenary speakers as well as presenters dancing along with the traditional dancers to the tune of Malaysian various melodious ethnic musical beats.

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Concluding remarks

LSP2016, just like past LSPs, was again full of interesting and stimulating presentations and workshops. The presence of world renowned writers and researcher in the field of LSP, Professor Dr Ken Hyland was greatly valued by conference delegates. LSP2016 has indeed provided a global forum for all the participants, allowing them to share experiences, teaching materials and techniques and to exchange ideas. We believe that not a single participant went home without learning something new, and in this respect, this LSP2016 may be deemed another success.

lsp opening

Assoc. Professor Dr Sarimah Bte Shamsuddin,  Director of LSP Conference 2016


The LSP2016 Organising Committee extends its sincerest gratitude to the office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and Innovation), the Japan Foundation and the British Council as well as other notable contributors such as Edict Electronics Sdn. Bhd., CCM Pharmaceuticals Sdn. Bhd. and PV Smart Supplies among others for realising LSP2016. The chairperson, Associate Professor Dr Sarimah Shamsudin led a team of dedicated committee members: Dr Seriaznita Haji Mat Said and Dr Nor Liza Haji Ali covered secretarial jobs; Mr Noh Muhamad Adlan Mohd Noh and Mrs Khairuzilah Khalil provided special task support; Dr Harmi Izzuan Baharum and Dr Abdul Rahim Haji Salam were responsible for ICT and online promotional works; Dr Amerrudin Abd Manan, Associate Professor Dr Sarimah Shamsudin, Dr Seriaznita Haji Mat Said and Dr Nor Liza Haji Ali  were in charge of paperwork and publication; Dr. Zuhana binti Mohd Zin was responsible for sponsorship; Mrs Rosmah Ramlan handled the registration task; Mrs Naizatulsyima Idris covered financial matters; and Mrs Nurul Ain Ahmad Lutfi represented UTMSPACE as the event manager. All concerned did their very best in hosting LSP2016, contributing to the smooth running and success of this memorable seminar. Thank you!



 lsp presenters  lsp participants

Presenters and Participants