English for Postgraduates Programme (EPG) is an English course for students who wish to pursue a postgraduate program in UTM but have not fulfilled the expected level of the English language requirements:

IELTS = Band 5.5

525 ≤ TOEFL < 550

69 ≤ TOEFL IBT < 79

ELS CIEP Level 107

Students are allowed to register in their respected faculty but at the same time they are required to attend and pass English for Postgraduates Programme (EPG) conducted by Language Academy in UTM. English for Postgraduate is divided into three separate courses; Reading Skills for Postgraduates, Writing Skills for Postgraduates, and Listening and Speaking Skills for Postgraduates.  Each course will focus on specific academic skills. Reading Skills for Postgraduates emphasizes on various skills such as identifying main ideas, generalizing, paraphrasing and summarizing.  It is aimed to expose students to reading critically a range of authentic texts drawn from various academic texts. Students are expected to be able to extract important information needed in order to write an academic paper. Writing Skills for Postgraduates aims at exposing students to various language features of academic writing. By the end of the course, students should be able to incorporate all these skills needed to produce effective academic writing in their field of study.  Listening and Speaking Skills for Postgraduates focuses on the skills of listening to academic lectures and talks, as well as aspects of style and structure.  It also focuses on speaking skills such as participating in seminars and panel discussion, and giving academic presentations. It covers key communication strategies for these contexts, and provides practice in appropriate language use thus, students should be able to discuss topics and present their ideas effectively.

ULAB 6100 Reading Skills for Postgraduates (Course Outline)
ULAB 6110 Writing Skills for Postgraduates (Course Outline)
ULAB 6120 Listening and Speaking Skills for Postgraduates (Course Outline)

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