About Me


OFFICE TEL NO: +607 5531895

OFFICE ADDRESS: Room 326, D06, Level 3, Language Academy, UTM

EMAIL ADDRESS: sitikhadijah@utm.my

QUALIFICATIONS:  Bac. (Hons) in Arts (English), UPM, 1999; Master of Instructional Technology (MIT), UM, 2014

BREIF INFORMATION OF WHAT I DO: I am a teacher and I teach the English language courses offered by the Language Academy in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. My experience in teaching undergraduates has driven me to find ways to help my students to master the skills of reading and writing through meaningful lessons that are designed to incorporate content, pedagogy and technology.

Much of what I do now is to design  my own classroom environment so that students can engaged in learning. I share my work on tools, knowledge and best practices on teaching English with colleagues and working on writing small projects. I’m also writing a research proposal for PhD.