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FAQ AND SAMPLE OF TECS PAPER (writing/Oral)                      CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

1. What is TECS?
The Test of English Communication Skills for Graduating Students (TECS) is a test to assess your ability to communicate in English at the workplace upon graduation from university.
So, if you are graduating soon, this test will give you and prospective employers an objective measure of your proficiency level in English.

2. Why do I have to sit for TECS?
Employers nowadays are looking for candidates who can communicate effectively.
TECS is designed in collaboration with experienced human resource managers responsible for recruiting staff in their corporations.
That’s why TECS is a useful and accurate tool to measure your level of English communication proficiency.
TECS will let your potential employers know how well you can communicate in English.

If you know your level of English communication proficiency, you will be able to take steps to improve yourself.

3. Who is TECS for?
If you are a final year bachelor-degree student, then you are eligible to take TECS either in your first or second semester.

4. What can I gain from TECS?
*  TECS can tell you how ready you are to communicate in English at the workplace.
*  You will receive a certificate of achievement for TECS and the results will be recorded in your academic transcript if you attain Level 3 to Level 6.
*  The certificate can be used as evidence of your ability to communicate in English to enhance your employment possibilities.

5. What will I be tested on?
TECS will test your Oral Interaction skills (Paper 1 – 15 minutes) and Writing skills (Paper 2 – 60 minutes). The results will be stated in levels, ranging from Level 1 (lowest) to Level 6 (highest).

6. When will TECS be offered?
Test schedule for Semester 1, 2014/2015:  To be informed

7. Where can I get further information on TECS?

For enquiries, please contact:

* Puan Norzarina Sulong (m-norza@utm.my)/Tel : +607-5531815
* Baharudin Mastari, Deputy Registrar (brbaha@utm.my) ext. 31811/+60197550158

or come to:

Academic Management Unit
Language Academy
Block D05, Level 2
UTM Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel : +(6)07-5531873
Fax : +(6)-0755 66911